Dare County Land Transfers


      Gaskins Warren O III from Barnett Elton Randolph; 014405000, 40440 North End Road; $180,000; Family Deed.

      SJM 401K Trust from Equity Trust Company; 014822118, Bld Site 11 Lakeside Vill; $10; Vacant Residential.

      SJM 401K Trust from Equity Trust Company; 014822115, Bld Site 8 Lakeside Vill; $10; Trust Agreement.

      Carl Worsley & Associates from Thomasson Maxine S; 014705000, 40269 Williams Rd; $85,000; Vacant Residential.


      Farrelly John D from Crouch Linda R; 030741000, Lot 84 Watersedge; $355,000; Improved Residential.

      Modolo Jay C from Byrd Shelli Lynne; 020407000, Lot 5 Sec S Colington Harbour; $185,000; Improved Residential .


      Zwolinski Michael D from Mccluskey Michael J; 029645010, Lot 10 The Hatterasman; $385,000; Improved Residential.

Kill Devil Hills

      Fager Brian K from Boyce Ryan W; 005209000, Lot 8 Blk 8 Mosier Shores; $335,000; Improved Residential.

      Gard Catherine E from Gard Doris O; 004827000, Lts 10&11 KD Beach Extn; $38,000; Family Deed.

      Rawls Timothy from Myers Timothy L; 000076000, Lot 20 Blk 2 Orville Beach; $393,750; Improved Residential.

      Holder Ralph Edward from Home Elements LLC; 003206000, Lt 206 Sec 2 First Flight Vill; $195,000; Improved Residential.

      Mendez Julio Romero from Nicholl Jane M; 002432000, Lot 6 Blk F Sea Holly Ridge; $86,000; Vacant Residential.

Kitty Hawk

      Meredith Michale B from Parker Davod A; 010499037, Int-Lot 37 Sec 2 Sea Scape; $123,000; Improved Residential.

      Lambe Francis L from Marchion Clifford J; 029826021, Lot 1 Avery Isle; $575,000; Improved Residential.

      Grindle Adolf from Ashworthone LLC; 027518062, Lot 62 Sec 5 KH Landing; $410,000; Improved Residential.


      Manteo Native Properties LLC from Perrone Toni Keller; 025817000, Lot 4-1 Roanoak Harbor; $400,000; Improved Commercial.

      Sukeena Belinda Keller from Perrone Toni Keller; 025727002, Metes & Bounds; $120,000; Improved Residential.

      Warwick Zoe H from Harris Charles W; 030835020, Unit 402 Shallowbag Bay Club; $287,000; Condo.

Manteo (Outside)

      Mahoney Robert from Peele Robert J; 024410035, Lot 77 Phs II Heritage Point; $510,000; Improved Residential.

Nags Head

      Drumheller Stephen from Covington Michael A; 007796000, Lot 38 Sec E Old NH Cove; $459,000; Improved Residential.


      Mcgowan Nathaniel M from Huss Debra M; 012519000, Lot 3 Southern Vista; $875,000; Improved Residential.


      Hall Matthew L from Knight Ivor N; 012790000, Lot 13 Wimble Shores; $265,000; Improved Residential.

Southern Shores

      Centner Mary T from Gergen Pauline A; 022033000, Lot 8 Blk 150A S Shores; $380,000; Improved Residential.

      Lake Kristopher Ryan from Yasuk Sarge; 022046000, Lot 12 Blk 140A Southern; $304,000; Improved Residential.


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