The FFMS team Hunter Safety Team consisted of the following members: Seth Albright, Hunter Clark, Grace Clough, Frank Roepcke, Helen Thorp, Ruby O’Connor, Henry Yerk, Abigail Haber, Sam Smith & JP Kovacs. This team placed 5th overall out of 13 teams. They also brought home 3rd place trophies in both the archery and shotgun disciplines.

Our high school team (FFHS Blue Team) placed 7th overall out of 24 teams. The members on this team were: Mason Gates, Seve Gomez, Kaleb Keeton, Tyler Roberts, Jake Pendergrass, Chloe Clark, Jevin Copeland, Jake Douds, Will Roepcke, Riley Shealey, Chyla Huber, David Yerk, Joseph Lewis & Madison Beavers. Riley Shealey placed 3rd in the individual senior rifle division.

We also had a team that consisted of both high and middle school students, this was the FFHS white team. Members included: Isaac Drummond, Jem Myers, Michael Pearson, Browning Pierce, Teresa Stanley, Chase Jamieson, Olivia Lilliston, Kayden Long, Alexa Shealey & Victoria Robey. This team placed 20th overall out of the 24 high school teams. Many thanks to all the coaches that have worked with all members this season!

Special thanks to the Outer Banks Gun Club for allowing all the Hunter’s Safety Shooting Teams to use their facilities for practices!


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