Aquarium's new Nature Play adventure is ‘For the Birds’

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island unveiled its new Nature Play adventure ‘For the Birds’ on Memorial Day weekend. The nature trail showcases our feathered friends, some year-round locals and some visiting the Outer Banks at certain times of the year.

            Woodpeckers, herons, osprey and many more of their beaked brethren are the stars of the show, as visitors are invited to mimic their avian activities. Build a nest like a mockingbird or a killdeer. Hop like a chickadee and balance like a heron. Make a racket like a woodpecker and feed like a hummingbird.

            All of the activity stations along the For the Birds trail offer fun, educational and adventurous exploration into the variety of birds in the area, and the grounds of the aquarium are great for viewing birds in their habitats, including Purple Martins, nesting osprey, cormorants fishing in the sound and many species visiting the bird feeders on the trail.

            "Birds are such a big part of our ecosystem and surroundings on the Outer Banks," said Exhibits Curator Colleen Shytle. "We see them every day and it’s natural to wonder what they are up to. For the Birds gives visitors a peek into the lives of birds and the skills they use to make the Outer Banks their home."

            The wooded Nature Play area covers roughly 2.5 acres on the grounds of the aquarium and is a great place for families to explore, soak in the natural surroundings and burn off some extra energy. The trail connects to the Wildflower Meadow and sound-side fields for even more outdoor excursions. For the Birds will be open throughout the summer and fall seasons and is included with regular aquarium admission.


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