Here are some fun images of a great art installation that has been taking place this week. Check out what art teacher Jenna Saunders' students have been up to!

"Sometimes you just have to find a more interesting way to explore some concepts! My Art I classes tackled linear perspective with installation tape murals. Students were broken into groups of three, to make a total of 15 different murals throughout the school. We looked at installation art in its various forms in the visual art realms. My students were then tasked to find a particular space in the school that they would like to enhance with an image that shows linear perspective.

Many students were intrigued with making their work interactive, meaning the viewer could take a photo or video of themselves in the work to become a part of it! We have received an unbelievable amount of positive feedback from teachers and students alike and have been so excited to have brought art to our hallways. Since permanent art work has not been something we have been able to bring to FFHS hallways, we hope to continue to be creative and bring new and exciting ideas for our school body to be a part of through "temporary" installation pieces."

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