Dexter (left) and Thor (right)

Dexter (left) and Thor (right).

On Sunday evening, Aug. 12, around 8:30 p.m., our two huskies— eight-month-old Dexter and four-year-old Thor — got out the front door of where we were vacationing in Southern Shores and took off running. It took only about 20 minutes to catch Dexter. But we had no sightings of Thor for about three hours.

            Everyone from our family took off on foot and by car, searching for Thor. We posted a picture of him on the OBX, NC Facebook page, which now has more than 900 likes. The next day, we noticed that the administrator of the page had a page for OBX lost fur babies to help other families find their pets.

            The truly amazing thing was that as we walked around the street searching for Thor, we passed numerous people asking us if we had seen the dog named “Thor.” There were kids on bikes, trucks with spotlights and people walking their own dogs to help us search for our dog. There is no way we could ever express our gratitude for the help and kindness everyone showed us that night. We could not imagine having to drive home without him.

            Around 11:15 p.m., we were in front of the house trying to regroup when a police car pulled in the driveway. Immediately, we thought the worst. But the police officer, Eddie McKeever, informed us that our dog was okay. There had been a small incident, however, when he jumped in front of a car at the Y intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Duck Road and caused a minor fender bender. Luckily, no one was injured.

            After that, Thor ran for about a block and people grabbed him and Officer McKeever put him in the car and brought him to our doorstep. For all his adventures, Thor only had a minor cut on his back leg. As our family was crying hysterically, Officer McKeever gave each of us a hug and consoled us.

            This is why we choose the Outer Banks for our yearly family vacation, because people are so friendly and it’s a pet friendly vacation spot. Many thanks to everyone involved for getting our fur baby back to us.


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So glad the dog was found! That is why I started OBX Lost & Found Pets. However, none of the wonderful admins of our page are admins of OBX, NC.

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