“Sharks, Laser Beams, and Shipwrecks: Your Role as an Underwater Shark Detective” 

Coastal Studies Institute, 850 NC-345, Wanchese

January 24 at 6 p.m.

Dr. Avery Paxton

Dr. Avery Paxton is a postdoctoral fellow with the South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation (SEZARC) and a visiting scholar at the Duke University Marine Lab. Paxton earned her PhD in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her BS in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia.

ECU Integrated Coastal Programs and the Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) are hosting a lecture on a citizen science shark tracking project as part of its “Science on the Sound” lecture series. This series, held monthly, highlights information on coastal topics and issues in northeast North Carolina. This month, the program will feature Dr. Avery Paxton, postdoctoral fellow and visiting scholar at Duke University Marine Lab and the Southeast Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation (SEZARC).   Paxton's presentation, entitled “Sharks, Laser Beams, and Shipwrecks: Your Role as an Underwater Shark Detective” will highlight her research on sand tiger sharks off the mid-Atlantic coast. The program will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 24 at the Coastal Studies Institute located on the ECU Outer Banks Campus at 850 NC 345 in Wanchese, NC.  The presentation is free, and the public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Come learn how you can be an underwater shark detective, harnessing advanced technology to solve mysteries of an iconic shark species, the sand tiger shark. During the evening, we’ll virtually dive on World War II shipwrecks resting in North Carolina’s offshore ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ that are frequented by sand tiger sharks. You’ll learn how our team is studying sand tiger sharks using marine robots outfitted with lasers, photographs from scuba divers, and more. We’ll conclude by discussing opportunities for you to become involved and help our team solve longstanding mysteries about sand tiger sharks. 


This program will be streamed live at http://coastalstudiesinstitute.org/outreach/live-streaming and the online viewing audience will be able to ask the presenter questions via an online chat room. 


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