Mano al Hermano (MaH), a non-profit organization serving the Latino community in Dare County, is conducting a Community Needs Assessment to gather accurate information on the needs of the Latino community on the Outer Banks.

            The assessment is being conducted as part of the organization’s strategic planning process, which will be used to help establish plans for future services to be offered.

            With more than ten years of service on the Outer Banks, Mano al Hermano (My hand to my brother) builds bridges between the Latino and the broader communities by linking services, sharing information and supporting community activities.

            Their largest program is in collaboration with Dare County public schools to support the education of English learners through a Family Literacy Program. According to U.S. census data, Hispanic or Latino individuals are the second largest racial/ethnic group in Dare County.

            “The information gathered will furnish a sense of direction for the organization, and help ensure that the mission...and the services provided remain relevant to the current needs of the community. As such, we are reaching out to the local community to help us identify the goals necessary to achieve the mission,” said Executive Director Diane Tyrrell. “As we undertake this needs assessment, it is important that we are able to engage with individuals, families, businesses and organizations from within the local Latino community, as well as include the other organizations which are also providing outreach, services, programs, educational resources, etc. We invite and welcome anyone who would like to provide information—such as community members, business owners, employers, organizations, agencies, religious organizations, etc.,—to contribute comments and answer survey questions.”

            To participate or for more information, email or call 252-564-8993.


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