emergency alerts

3 Ways To Sign Up


  • Sign up with the online portal below. Instructional PDF & Video
  • Download the AlertMe App to your mobile device and complete the registration process. 
    Dare County AlertMe Registration Code: 5cb34edaee
  • Text "JOIN DareEmergencyAlerts" to 30890 to sign up for text/voice alerts from Dare County Emergency Management in the event of an emergency

Dare County Emergency Management has the ability to send emergency alerts to residents, visitors and property owners via text, email, and over the phone. 

Registered users pick how time-sensitive messages are received and which devices,  phone numbers and email addresses notifications are sent to. 

Examples of emergency notifications including but not limited to;

  • mandatory evacuation orders
  • reentry information
  • hurricane advisories and
  • bulletins
  • emergencies disrupting vehicular/pedestrian traffic
  • countywide post-disaster information

Phone Numbers - Users can opt in to receive alerts sent as voice recordings over the phone and/or text. Do not put dashes, hyphens or spaces when entering a phone number into the system. 

Addresses – Alerts affecting specific areas of Dare County, may be sent based on location. Including your home address, work address, and the addresses of any additional properties you own in Dare County, will ensure you receive notification of situations that may impact those areas. 

Weather Events – Select which alerts you would like to receive from NOAA & the National Weather Service


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