'Kick Butt' campaign

Partnering with the Surfrider Foundation, Kill Devil Hills has placed special receptacles for cigarette butts at all KDH beach accesses.

Kill Devil Hills announces 'Kick Butt' campaign

The town of Kill Devil Hills has announced its “Help KDH Kick Butt Campaign.”

      Developed and coordinated by the town’s Community Appearance Commission and its “Kick Butt” task force, the campaign is designed to educate the community about the toxicity and volume of cigarette butts on Outer Banks beaches, parks, roadways and other outdoor spaces, while encouraging proper disposal and providing safe and appropriate disposal containers.

      In a video posted on the town website at kdhnc.com, Community Appearance Commission Chair Sue Kelly points out that cigarette butts are the most prevalent form of litter in the world. KDH Community Policing Officer Lora Gilreath reports that cigarette filters are not biodegradable, are made of plastic and take up to 25 years to decompose. Leaving them behind, she adds, is an offense punishable by a fine.

      Commission Vice Chair Natalie Painter points out that there are over 165 chemicals in a cigarette filter, many of which are toxic. And KDH Fire Chief Troy Tilley adds that improperly disposed of cigarette butts also pose a variety of fire hazards.

      So far in the campaign, special receptacles for cigarette butts have been placed at all KDH beach accesses. This was accomplished with the key assistance of the Surfrider Foundation Outer Banks Chapter. The town is also distributing pocket butt containers and stickers with the “Help KDH Kick Butt” message at no charge to citizens. There are also plans to install other butt receptacles around the town.

      KDH Commissioner John Windley urged citizens, businesses and visitors to pitch in to help keep the town clean and its natural beauty untarnished.

      "The Community Appearance Commission was established by the Town of Kill Devil Hills six years ago with a mission to 'Enhance the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the Town,'" said KDH Mayor Sheila Davies. "'Help KDH Kick Butt' is working to preserve our beaches and public areas that give our community its unique image. It is our sincere hope that educating our community to safely dispose of cigarette butts and providing well maintained locations for cigarette butt disposal will encourage people to view cigarette butts as litter and to dispose of them properly."



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