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Beverly Boswell to seek re-election

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Beverly Boswell

District 6 Rep sets sights on second term

North Carolina State Representative Beverly G. Boswell (R-Dare) has announced her plan to seek re-election to the North Carolina General Assembly representing N.C. House District 6 – covering Currituck, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico counties.

Prior to Rep. Boswell’s election to the state legislature in 2016, she served as a Dare County Commissioner and on numerous local boards and commissions, including PTA President at First Flight High School.

In a statement announcing her candidacy, Boswell said tax cuts and the deregulation policies were two of the most significant pro-growth reforms enacted last year. 

“During the 2017 session, we continued to cut taxes by lowering the Individual Income and corporate income tax rates, increased the standard deduction for Individual Income and reduced the franchise tax on S-corporations,” Boswell said. “Putting more money back into the pockets of North Carolinians to spend or save, as well as back into the hands of businesses to create jobs and expand are my guiding principles.” 

Recognizing the economic contribution and the heritage of the state’s commercial fishing industry, Boswell touted her strong support for the working watermen in Raleigh. “Preserving our culture and heritage of our working waterman is critical. Poor science and knee jerk reactions are debilitating not only our fishermen, but our farmers are also under attack,” she said. 

Boswell also cited her attendance, noting that among the 956 recorded votes since January 2017, she has been present in the House Chamber for 943 of those votes.

In addition to recognizing her duties in Raleigh, Boswell works at a local medical clinic in Nags Head. She has worked in the medical profession for nearly 30 years, saying, “It’s my passion - taking care of others is second nature.”

The release also quoted House Speaker Tim Moore as saying, “Bev has been a consistent, true conservative voice for her constituents. She’s never been afraid to make the tough decisions and fight for conservative principles.”

Boswell was elected to the Dare County Board of Commissioners in November 2014 by defeating incumbent Max Dutton by 30 votes in a race that required a recount. She left the board to run for the N.C. House seat in November 2016 and, in a race marred by tragedy, defeated Warren Judge, who passed away days before the balloting.


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Joe Miller

Boswell is running on "tax cuts and deregulation" similar to what Republicans ran on when they gave us that 2013 flat tax that INCREASED the amount of state tax many of us now pay. So much for "tax cuts" for retired people in NC. "Deregulation" is Boswell's claim to fame with her infamous repeal of the the plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks that was accepted and espoused by many as a means to reduce litter of the countryside with plastic bags blowing in the wind and harming sea life where turtles and other creatures ingested the bags and were killed.
We in NC are so "fortunate" to have "representatives" like Boswell who ignore the majority and represent business that is "harmed" by practical solutions to environmental pollution accepted and promoted by the residents of the Outer Banks. We are also "blessed" to have Senators like Burr and Tillis who represent the #2 and #4 top recipients of NRA "donations" and who practice sending "thoughts and prayers" to parents of repeated school shootings while taking their donations to the bank.
NC is a great place to live with Republicans so much in tune with the needs of businesses and the NRA while convincing residents that "deregulation" and "lower taxes" is truly their goal.
GOOGLE "tax cuts in NC" for an interesting commentary.

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