Third Congressional District

Allen Thomas, Greg Murphy and Joan Perry.

Thomas is victor in Dem primary race

Two primary fights were resolved and two Republican candidates will match up again on July 9 in the wake of yesterday’s unofficial returns in the jam-packed battle to succeed the late Walter Jones as U.S. Congressman from the Third Congressional District.

Easily surpassing the 30 percent vote mark needed to avoid a runoff, Democrat and former Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas defeated five other candidates and won that party’s primary, capturing just over 50 percent of the votes cast. In Dare County, though, the leading Democratic vote getter was retired Marine Corps Veteran Richard Bew.

The two Republicans who advanced in a field of 17 candidates after the April 30 voting are State Representative and physician Greg Murphy, who collected nearly 23 percent of the votes cast, and pediatrician Joan Perry, who collected just over 15 percent of the vote. In Dare County, Perry narrowly outpolled the rest of the Republican field.

Murphy and Perry will now meet in a second primary on July 9 to determine which GOP candidate will run in the September 10 general election against Allen for what has been a reliably safe Republican seat.

The crowded campaign field also included an April 30 primary battle between two Libertarian Party candidates.  In that race, in which only 134 votes were cast, Tim Harris defeated Shannon Bray.

District-wide about 14.5 percent of eligible voters cast their votes in the primary contests.  In Dare County, only about 9.5 percent of those eligible to cast votes did so.


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