NCPA honors include First Prize for website

The Outer Banks Sentinel is proud to announce that it captured eight editorial awards — including three First Place prizes – in the North Carolina Press Association’s (NCPA) annual editorial contest. The awards were formally announced on March 21 at the NCPA’s 2019 Convention held in Raleigh.

The Sentinel’s awards, which are distributed by circulation category (for us, weeklies with a circulation between 3,500 and 10,000), include:

         First Place for General Excellence for Newspaper Websites. This is the second year in a row we have taken top prize for, the Sentinel’s attractive state-of-the-art and reader- friendly site.

         First Place for Beat News Reporting. Michelle Wagner, Neel Keller and Mark Jurkowitz were honored for a series of stories examining various aspects of ocean safety during a summer when there were a number of local drowning tragedies.

         First Place for Election/Political Reporting.  This was given for the work of Neel Keller, Michelle Wagner and Mark Jurkowitz for covering the controversy and backlash surrounding the General Assembly’s repeal of the Outer Banks’ plastic bag ban.

         Second Place for Serious Columns:  This award went to Kelli Harmon, a Veteran who served in Afghanistan, for her insightful and compelling columns about Veterans' issues and the challenges they face.

         Second Place for Beat Feature Reporting:  Michelle Wagner won this for her enterprise reporting on a subject that flies under the radar screen on the Outer Banks — the insidious issue of human trafficking in a resort community.

         Second Place for City County Government Reporting:  This was given to Mark Jurkowitz for two stories. One examined a schism that had opened up in the Dare County Republican Party and the other looked at Southern Shores' unique brand of rough-and-tumble politics.

         Second Place for Special Sections: The Sentinel won this for three of its special stand-alone sections—the Sounds of Summer music guide, its Seafood Guide and its Veterans Week Guide.

         Third Place for News Feature Writing:  Michelle Wagner was honored for her story on the growing public health problem of teenagers turning to vaping. Neel Keller was recognized for his coverage of His Dream Center, a one-time hub of community activity that was sold to a major developer and has been empty since then.  


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