Racist graffiti found at First Flight High School

Sheriff’s office said to be investigating incident

Racist graffiti with the words “niggers” and “kill all niggers” was discovered in the First Flight High School boys’ locker room earlier this week and is currently under investigation by Dare County Schools and the Dare County Sheriff’s Department.

In an effort to make the community aware of what occurred, a video of the graffiti was posted on the morning of March 27 on the Outer Banks social media site called OBX Locals by a student, who wrote, “This stuff keeps happening here and it’s terrible.” The student said the incident had occurred on March 26.

On the morning of March 27, Superintendent John Farrelly sent an email to families in the school system discussing the graffiti. “I have been made aware of the disturbing videos and photos that were posted on social media,” Farrelly wrote. “The video was filmed inside of the First Flight High School boys’ locker room. The content contained vulgar, hateful, and racist language.”

In the email, Farrelly asserted, “Our school administrators, in conjunction with the school’s resource officer, are diligently investigating the situation. Any student, or students, that are found responsible for this incident will be disciplined to the fullest extent in accordance with the Dare County Schools Code of Student Conduct.”

The incident, which school officials say is still under investigation, has been reported to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Doug Doughtie could not be reached for comment and when contacted by the Sentinel, a school spokesperson could not confirm exactly when the incident occurred.

Update: Dare County Sheriff Doug Doughtie has told the Sentinel that his department is investigating the incident. “We are following through and if there is something there, we will do what we need to do. The school resource officer is handling all of that,” he said.

Publisher’s Note: After consideration, we decided to spell out the offensive and racist language found in the locker room because we believe that using euphemisms or shorthand in lieu of the actual language can have the effect of sanitizing what has occurred and de-sensitizing people to those messages.



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