Brad and Faye

Faye and Brad

Brad Marley and his mother Faye are here on a special trip that is bringing them to Avon from June 9 to 16. In his own words, here’s Brad’s story behind that journey.

This trip, to Avon is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone event, encompassing the essence of a bond between mother and son. We will be able to share the memories made here for generations to come.  Our dream of embarking on our “60/40” trip, as we are calling it, started as a way to strengthen our bond.

My mother watched her only child leave the nest to accomplish his own dream of songwriting in Nashville. The distance between our homes in Greensboro, NC and Nashville, TN is hard for a woman who gives without wanting in return, so this trip is to celebrate the journey she and I have walked together.

My mother is the most beautiful example of  what a mother should be. I want to honor her on this trip. So I have created a “60/40 Bucket List” for the road trip and for when we arrive on the Outer Banks.  Among other plans, we are going deep sea fishing, getting matching tattoos (if she doesn’t chicken out), grilling fish on the beach and enjoying the area’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets,  Imagine if you could take every aspiration you have of your childhood and your mother to create a lasting impression that will be long remembered after you’re gone.  Well, we have created this list and our 60/40 trip for this purpose.


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