Here's your chance to be heard. Call our NC state representative, Mr. Bobby Hanig @ 919-733-5906 and let him know how you feel about this. If you don't, we'll probably get another bridge named for other politician.

I guess the Dare County BOC should have remembered what happened to ole Bev Boswell. Seems that politicians have a habit of not listening to the voters.

By law, a public comment period is required to address the proposed rate increase. You can provide comment through these ways:

* A public comment forum will be held to listen to public input on the Rate Bureau's rate increase request at the N.C. Department of Insurance's Second Floor H…

Here's a link to a poll that addresses this subject.

Can the Sentinel please publish the link for the survey cited? Thanks..

We, KDH Residents, need this badly. I hope this initiative moves forward.

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I'm happy to see that the news is reporting BOTH sides.

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It's very apparent that the sheriff has been instructed by the politicians to not tell the news. No reporting = no problems. Right?

Can you pls report the %'s for the transfer-of-power questions?